Storming the Ivory Tower

The landscape of post-secondary education is in the midst of turbulent transformations. New technologies challenge established traditions and norms. Emerging practices promise new modes and methods. Cultural, economic, and social changes encourage (and perhaps even demand) a comprehensive review of what education is and what it’s for. We are living through an age of educational destruction and renewal.

The landscape is changing so fast, and so often, that it’s tough to know where to find a foothold. How do we integrate the storied, established traditions of education — focused on mindful, reflective teaching and learning for the whole person — with the economically urgent, forward-looking, adaptive, career-focused environment of today? How do we deal with this turbulence? How do we foster positive change? How do we re-imagine and reinvent the purpose and character of educational institutions and the cultures they represent?

Please join me on Monday, October 31 (9-11am), at the Douglas College Aboriginal Gathering Place (New Westminster campus), for a free workshop, presentation, and public forum about the current situation in education and what to do about it. This is an exciting opportunity to participate in a thoughtful discussion with educators, parents, learners, and anyone interested in the future of education. The event is filling quickly, so please register in advance.

A second session, on Friday, November 4 (1-5pm), will focus specifically on skill development for educators. In this session we will explore practical tools and strategies for fostering supportive, facilitative, and engaged learning environments. Participants will learn how to navigate the challenges and opportunities for fostering positive change in education, why that change is important, and how to get there. Please register in advance.

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