My Philosophy of Education

My educational work arises from my own core values and practices. Here they are, grouped under the headings of my three core values:


  • Developing a path of self-assessment, self-regulation, and self-reflection.
  • Following the search for knowledge and meaningful answers.
  • Finding useful solutions to complex problems.
  • Developing creativity through play and imagination.
  • Thinking for oneself.


  • Opening oneself to empathy and compassion.
  • Communicating effectively in speaking, listening, writing and performing.
  • Building trust, emotional safety, and a culture of collaboration.
  • Being open to giving and receiving feedback and accepting others.
  • Embracing and resolving conflicts.


  • Engaging in the reciprocal process of mentorship.
  • Joining and contributing to communities.
  • Modeling and teaching ethical practices.
  • Opening to, and learning from, other cultures.
  • Being a lifelong learner.

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