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Ross Laird

Staying Emotionally Healthy During a Pandemic

A Webinar in Partnership with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association

Within the turbulence and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can we stay emotionally healthy and connected to ourselves and those around us? What kinds of coping are normal and helpful? How might we develop strategies to ensure that we don’t slide into trauma or deep distress? How can we promote wellness and resilience within our ourselves, and with our colleagues, when we feel vulnerable or anxious?

For this webinar I worked in partnership with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association, which serves more than 600 member organizations that provide a wide range of services in the non-profit sector. With Kate Nielsen moderating and with an audience of roughly 180 online participants, we explored strategies for cultivating wellness during this strange time. In particular, we examined the risk factors for stress-induced mental health challenges, strategies for personal wellness and resiliency, and approaches to community wellness during this time. This was a fun and purposeful event, with many good questions and reflections.

Lisa from Get The Picture created this great summary graphic to accompany the slide deck.

Staying Emotionally Healthy During a Pandemic


Ross Laird, PhD RCC

Clinical Consultant, Author, Educator

My work focuses on the interconnected themes of mental health, trauma, addictions, and creativity. I provide clinical consulting, professional development services, and community education for a wide range of institutions and organizations.