All fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to 5% GST.

Non-profit organizations, charities, and some educational institutions may qualify for a fee discount of up to 20%. Please contact Ross for details.

Please note that Ross does not provide counselling services for private clients. (He does work extensively with individuals in the context of his work with organizations; however, this takes the form of professional development and mentorship, not individual counselling.)

Initial Consultation
No cost

Program queries
Educational queries
Research queries


Professional training
Community education
Evidence-based practice
Trauma-informed care

Planning session included

$5000 / day (minimum 1 day)

Program development
Ethical considerations
Online resources
Ongoing support

Customized training
Planning session included

Ongoing Consultations
$400 / hour

Professional development
Program implementation
Clinical support
Critical Incident support

Please contact Ross for details.