Selected Projects 2017

Ross works with a diverse group of organizations on a wide range of topics. The items below represent a small but representative sample of that work in 2017.

The City of Surrey

Ross facilitated a two-day professional development workshop entitled Cultivating Healthy Development for camp leaders who work with children aged six to twelve.

The first workshop day focused on frameworks and theory, and provided participants with a deeper perspective on the importance of applying specific tools and approaches to the challenges of cultivating youth development. Core concepts included the importance of understanding developmental themes, stages, and issues (including neuro-developmental disabilities and childhood vulnerabilities such as poverty, trauma, violence, mental illness, and addictions), and the role of resilience and mentorship during the 6-12 age range.

The second workshop day focused on practical approaches, strategies, and considerations, including core competencies such as communication, facilitation, mentorship, self-regulation (for both staff and kids), documentation, dealing with stressful and challenging situations, self-care, and a variety of related skills required to meet the intended outcomes of a healthy developmental framework. This second workshop day emphasized the skills required to cultivate environments of belonging, trust, and emotional safety (and safe risk) for children and youth.

Young Presidents’ Organization

Ross facilitated a workshop on Mindfulness, Creativity, and Personal Development.

Mindfulness and creativity are among the most powerful resources available to us in our personal and professional development. These practices help us to navigate the challenges within our organizations, the complexities of our family relationships, and the discoveries of our personal path of healing and change.

This workshop explored mindfulness and creative practices by applying the theories and ideas of these approaches in an experiential session of experiment and play.

Touchstone Family services

Ross facilitated a two-day professional development workshop for staff who work with vulnerable clients. Ross provided an experiential and integrative set of training modules focused on childhood development, adolescent vulnerability, mentorship, resilience, and foundational support.

Nelson Cares Society

Ross facilitated professional development workshops for social service providers, educators, and other professionals. This workshop focused on dealing with the challenges of homelessness, trauma, addictions, poverty, childhood and adolescent vulnerability, and related themes. For each of the themes, participants learned practical skills to help cultivate healthy development, trauma recovery, and resilience in those with whom they work. These skills focused on mentorship, belonging, emotional safety, trust, empathy, self-awareness, and character development (for professionals as well as their clients).

Ross also facilitated a public presentation to the community on the challenges of nurturing healthy development for kids, adolescents, and families in our current culture of distraction, technological immersion, and diminished self- regulation. Participants learned practical skills in helping to cultivate self-regulation and resilience in young people, helping to nurture positive relationships within families, and preparing young people of all ages to maximize their purpose, sense of meaning, and connection to themselves and others.

NOTE: Feel free to get in touch with Ross directly for further details about any of these projects.

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