I am an award-winning, Vancouver-based author and consultant in personal and professional development. I focus on mentorship, parenting, character development, and resilience.

Facilitation in Personal Development

I teach courses and workshops focused on parenting, youth development, resilience, and addictions prevention. My work is about finding ways to build self-awareness, cultivate empathy, and develop character.

Professional Development in Mentorship

I work with organizations to develop leadership and authentic mentorship.

Addictions Treatment and Recovery

I help addictions treatment facilities develop innovative programming.

Professional Development for Educators

I work with post-secondary institutions on themes of renewal and innovation.

Youth and Family Development

I help parents deal with the changing landscape of family life and culture.


I have worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals over more than 30 years of professional practice.

Authentic Learning

I facilitate transformative learning experiences in the real world

Personal Development

I work with a wide range of individuals and groups on the interconnected themes of personal development, creativity, and mentorship.


Self-awareness is the most important skill we can develop. It is the key to effective parenting, successful careers, and life fulfillment.


Empathy is the foundation of all healthy relationships. Empathy facilitates trust, cultivates intimacy, and encourages meaningful relationships.


Character is how we act in the world toward others and toward ourselves. It arises from the integration of self-awareness and empathy.


Creativity is the source of our wisdom, the path of our greatest potential, and the route through our most difficult challenges.


Building a resilient character allows us to thrive in the midst of adversity and to help others persevere through daunting and difficult challenges.


Many people feel disconnected from deeper meaning and purpose. Exploring spirituality is one path toward greater awareness and connection.


Assisting others is the most purposeful way to deepen our empathy, utilize our self-awareness, and cultivate our character.


Our relationship with the natural world is a frequently neglected but essential part of our humanity. Nature is an exemplary teacher.


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I write about themes of interest to me: personal development, education, addictions, technology, parenting, and creativity. If you like what you see, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch to continue the conversation.

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