Mental Health

Mental health issues are among the most common vulnerabilities we face: in our communities, in our families, in ourselves. My professional work focuses on mental health in a variety of ways, and the articles in this section reflect the diversity of that work. I specialize in the confluence of mental illness, addictions, and trauma – which, for most people who struggle with these issues, are all aspects of one thing and not three different things. I emphasize current research and the many ways we can build resilience and wellbeing both for ourselves and our communities.

Working with Grief, Trauma, and Related Challenges

Museums Offer Much Potential for Healing Work — But Safety Must be a Primary Concern

June 24, 2021, 12:04 a.m. • Ross Laird

New and powerful museum exhibition trends include a greater focus on emotional engagement and linkages to broader social activity. Most notably, disruptive exhibitions convey sensitive and cont...

Mental Health