Pathways of Health, Healing, and Personal Development

The Back Story

My work takes me to many places and into the lives of many people. Mental health, addictions, and trauma are (almost) universal experiences, and the ways we choose to deal with them are as diverse as cultures and individuals can be. Because of this diversity, my professional consulting projects have taken a multitude of forms: traditional counselling and therapy; cultural and community practices both ancient and modern; innovations integrated with long-standing traditions; science merged with spirituality, and many more. I’ve facilitated hundreds of mental health projects over more than 30 years of professional practice.

The resources on these pages represent several areas of particular focus for me: addictions, creativity, education, and culture. These domains tend to be tightly interwoven; the lessons learned from one can typically be applied to all the others. Consequently, here you will find resources that explicitly integrate different practices: education with creativity; cultural work with mental health, and so on. Because of these natural synergies and connections, over the years I’ve come to view my work not as many different projects but rather as distinct iterations of the single, vast project of how we cultivate human beings.