After you have watched the above video, find a time and place where wonder is more likely. Here are a few possibilities (all of which require that you put your phone away):

  • Go outside at dawn and go for a little walk.
  • Go outside on a clear night and do some stargazing.
  • Go to a park and walk barefoot for a few minutes (be careful about ground hazards!).
  • Explore an unknown part of your neighbourhood (safely!).
  • Go to the beach, sit on a log, and look at the ocean.
  • Go to a park, find a tree, and sit beneath it for a while.

This creative activity is designed to give you the freedom to explore things in your own way. You will see this basic approach again and again, in all the creative activities. There are no special tricks or hidden criteria in these activities; they are simply invitations to experience something. Your particular experience will be unique to you. Notes and reflections that you might write after each activity will hopefully help you track your reflections about these experiences pen your relationship with develop and dee your own creativity – or, to put it another way – your relationship with the deep self, which is the same thing.