I’ve been working as a clinical consultant to addiction treatment programs for more than 25 years. During that time, the landscape of addiction has evolved in a variety of ways, as has my own practice. A few years ago, as a means of reflecting on my experiences, I wrote a book about addictions, trauma, and the deep meaning hidden inside the wounds we all carry. However I never formally published this book; other projects (and other books) came along to occupy my attention. The addictions book (which I titled Spindrift) is complete, fully edited, and ready to go — but I keep finding new things to get involved in, and the prospect of publishing and marketing this book seems to fade a bit more every year. So, I have decided to provide the text of this book on the web, with no fanfare or publishing hoopla. Instead of issuing a printed book, I have posted the chapters here on the website. You can read them here.