A Stone’s Throw

A Stone’s Throw: The Enduring Nature of Myth explains the origins of the mythologies of Egypt, Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Ross demonstrate how these mythologies have become the source of the most pressing conflicts in the contemporary world, from the Palestinian uprisings to September 11 to the war on terror. Traversing five thousand years of history, and from his perspective as a craftsman sculpting stone in his shop, A Stone’s Throw follows the evolution of sacred mythologies from the pharaohs and their pyramids to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the sacred Kaaba stone in Mecca, the Washington Monument, and the World Trade Center. A Stone’s Throw offers readers a means of understanding the contemporary world with greater depth and clarity. Ross lays bare the shared heritage of religions, of peoples, of the essential themes of human nature. Select the individual chapter links below to begin reading.


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