Find a partner to work with. (If you are unable to find a partner, let me know.) Your partner should be someone who will not act like a jackass, or ridicule you, or do any number of unhelpful things to mess you up. Ideally, you are looking for someone who will take this seriously, help you explore it deeply, and support you in creating an authentically interesting product (as always). Choosing the right partner is the most important factor in determining how this turns out. (This goes for life as well.) So, choose wisely.

Ask your partner to make three movements. (Remember, the quality of this exercise depends on having the right partner. Choose someone who will make interesting movements!) Consider the three movements: how do they make you feel? What do they remind you of? What do they spark in your imagination?

Now, using one or more of these movements (you don’t have to use all of them), write a short narrative that incorporates and builds upon the movement(s). You might write a fable, or another myth, or a remembered moment that one of the movements reminds you of.

Do not feel that you must create a serious or philosophical narrative (as in my example). If you like, write a humorous vignette, or a wry observation. It’s up to you; the example is just to illustrate what I would do in this situation, not necessarily what you will do. (The example is also an entire chapter from one of my books, so it is much longer than what you will write.)

When you are done, read your narrative to your partner out loud. Discuss the process. Then, finally, write some notes and think about how this process might inform your self-awareness.