Welcome to week five. For many people, this is about the time when the honeymoon period ends. The excitement of starting a new semester gets snowed under by the reality of being very busy. So, make sure you take care of yourself and do all those things that keep you healthy.

Keep reading. If you finished the book that you chose for the first month of the semester (for the reading project), choose something else and keep going. As you know, I’m very interested in helping you cultivate the experience of being a lifelong reader. I will keep reinforcing the importance of reading throughout the course.

Also, do the creative activity for week five. Read the example narrative (which explores theme number 4 from the activity page). Then write something. Keep your notes – you may need to refer to them for the self-awareness project. But this is a very personal creative project (potentially), so the notes you make are mostly for you alone.

You may also wish to start thinking about what you plan to do for the writing project, which is due at the end of week eight. You’ve got several weeks to go, but you might want to make some notes about possible directions and ideas.

Also for this week, take a look at the page on improving skill. It offers some suggestions and guidelines about the immensely complex and often mysterious process of developing skill in writing.

If you get stuck, reach out, I’m happy to help you in any way that I can.

If you’d like to do a deep dive into some of the related ideas from this week, here’s a short list of further resources:

Further Readings for Week 5: On Storytelling

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