Welcome to week four! Here we are: a month into the semester, a third of the way through the 12-week block of material for this course.

So, for this week: see if you can complete your reading project. Let’s assume and hope that you’ve been doing some reading, every week, for the past several weeks. And maybe you’ve been making some notes about your reading, thinking about your reading – what it means to you, what it brings up in you. The reading project is focused on these responses and reflections. Take a look at the reading project page again (if you need to), and write something.

The idea here is that you submit your first project at the end of the fourth week: the end of this week. So, send something to me if you can. Upload your project to the Moodle assignment page for the reading project. Be sure to include your name in the project file, ideally on a title page.

Take more time if you need it. Review the information about due dates. But try not to drop this project – to just not do it, because you don’t have to hand it in right now (as with other classes). That would be a bad strategy. If you’re not done, then send me a note so that we can have a discussion about how best to support you as you take more time. You have until the end of the semester to submit this project. On the other hand, this project is designed to be done in a month. Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity, during this month, to get it done. Of course, life happens, right? You might have been delayed by any number of things. If so, it’s probably a good idea to have a short conversation with me online. This is not so that I can give you an extension – we don’t have extensions (review the due dates guidelines) – it’s just so that I can be aware of how you’re doing and what you might need.

Also for this week, take a look at the Feedback page. It offers some suggestions and guidelines about getting feedback for this project (and all the projects).

It’s important that you have time to work on your reading project, so there are no further readings or activities for this week.

If you get stuck, reach out, I’m happy to help you in any way that I can.