Many educational institutions are grappling with the troubling rise of mental health challenges within their communities. Issues such as depression and anxiety are becoming increasingly common not only within the student population but also among instructors and educational administrators, many of whom find their collegial environments to be fraught with new hurdles involving the care and wellness of people. Bedrock human values such as belonging, trust, and emotional safety are becoming harder to develop and sustain in educational environments undergoing turmoil and change from a variety of influences.

How might we preserve and nurture these values? How might we commit to practices that cultivate the wellness and well-being of our colleagues and communities? How might we commit to environments of authentic caring in which people feel emotionally safe and valued? The purpose of the session is to provide participants with perspectives and tools to use in approaching themes of care and wellness at their own institutions — with colleagues, students, and community partners. Participants will hear about common hurdles involved in promoting the care and wellness of people, will hear perspectives about navigating the complex terrain of human relationships, and will practice tools and ideas for moving forward with their own initiatives.


The base fee for this workshop is $3500 plus GST (plus travel, if required). Non-profit, charity, and private institutions may qualify for a discount.