During times of turbulence and stress, how can we stay emotionally healthy and connected to ourselves and those around us? What kinds of coping are normal and helpful? When does normal coping become unhealthy, addictive, or damaging? In such situations, how might we develop strategies to ensure that we don’t slide into burnout, trauma, mental illness, or deep distress?

In the professional context, how can we promote wellness and resilience within ourselves, with our colleagues, and for our communities? In this session, we’ll explore these themes and examine strategies for cultivating our own mental health and wellness, building capacity within our organizations and teams, and directing the stress of the moment toward positive outcomes for everyone.


This session is focused on the skills and strategies required to successfully navigate challenges to our well-being and mental health — especially during times of turbulence and collective stress. Participants will learn practical skills to apply in their own lives and to help build capacity within their organizations.


The base fee for this workshop is $3500 plus GST (plus travel, if required). Non-profit organizations may qualify for a discount.